Rent one of Cruise America’s or Cruise Canada’s stylish RVs and take the comfort of home with you the next time you travel. Spend some quality time together with family or friends while exploring all North America has to offer in total comfort and at your own pace. Whatever the party size, there is an RV type to suit your needs, with all the mod cons such as air conditioning, cooking facilities and extra sleeping capacity.

Why choose Cruise America & Cruise Canada?


1. Easy to drive

North America is built for RV travel. The roads are wider and infrastructure is all in place to accept RVs such as gas stations, supermarkets and tourist attraction parking. On top of this, the vehicles themselves come with a host of options to make your life easier including power steering, cruise control and automatic transmission. As you only require a normal driving license to rent any RV, it makes easier scaling up the size of vehicle if your group requires it. The extra space and more flexible sleeping arrangements will certainly come in handy on these amazing adventures.


2. Flexibility

One of the many joys of RV travel is that you can take your accommodation and transportation with you everywhere you go. This means you can keep your plans flexible and allows you to make decisions about your next destination with ease. If you really like somewhere, why not stay a little longer? Alternatively, if you have planned a few days in one place and realise you have managed to see it all, then why not head off earlier? Whilst it is always a good idea to have a general plan of what direction you wish to go, being flexible with your day-to-day plans is a very liberating experience.


3. Itineraries

As exciting as it is to plan a cross-country adventure, RV travel is by its very nature often slower than travelling by car. It’s likely you will want to pull over and stop for a break to take in the view and whilst there make lunch to soak up your surroundings. A good tip is to give yourself some free time during the day to explore a fabulous waterfall or an unknown hike that a fellow camper has told you is a must do. Relax, you are on holiday!


4. Campgrounds

Thankfully, North America has every type of campground possible. When you fancy a break, aim for a full-service resort type campground where often they will have swimming pools for the family to enjoy, or maybe rent some bikes and explore the local surroundings. When you are close to a national/state park, it is always a good choice to stay at the campground within the park. They tend to have less facilities but you can enjoy the sheer beauty the area offers first hand. Not all national parks have hotels, so unless you are camping you cannot stay. Hiring an RV means you can join the exclusive group that gets to see the parks at different times of the day and night away from the crowds, which offers you a completely different type of magical experience. If travelling with kids, they can also join the junior ranger programs available throughout the campsites. Some even feature outdoor amphitheatres for everyone to enjoy a wealth of activities.


5. Stock up

RV holidays allow you to manage your dining options more easily. RVs are fitted with a fridge, freezer, microwave, hob and plenty of food storage so you can plan for days ahead. If staying in a campground, you can use the BBQ’s facilities and fire pits at most camping pitches. Buy food from a local market during the day and enjoy it in the evening, sat around the campfire under a canopy of stars with friends and family. A perfect way to end the day!

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