Follow the steps of bygone seafarers and embark on a journey of discovery through Indonesia with SeaTrek Sailing Adventures. Set sail on an authentic wooden ship that weaves through this fascinating archipelago, visiting remote areas not accessible to larger vessels. Get up close with exotic culture, cuisine and the colourful wildlife that grace these majestic lands.

Why choose SeaTrek Sailing Adventures?


1. Travel on an authentic, hand-built ship

Travel the Indonesian archipelago on a traditionally hand-built Pinisi ship. Constructed with knowledge passed down through generations of ship building communities and no drawn plans, SeaTrek’s own vessels – the Katharina and the Ombak Putih – are a staple in Indonesia’s tradition that guests can enjoy in addition to the modern luxury on board.


2. Discover rarely seen parts of Indonesia

All of SeaTrek’s tours are tailored so guests can enjoy their journey through the Indonesian waters in quiet comfort. Often the ship will be the only one in sight, stopping for snorkelling sessions as well as visiting islands that are rarely frequented by other groups of tourists. Guests can also enjoy spotting wildlife in Indonesia’s national parks on lesser known island to avoid the crowds.


3. Swim with whale sharks

Passengers will have the opportunity to spot an amazing array of marine life on a SeaTrek tour, such as manta rays, reef sharks and stingless jellyfish. Guests will also have the rare opportunity to come face-to-face with one of the planet’s gentle giants, the whale shark.


4. Meet the locals

As well as local marine life in the oceans, the Indonesian archipelago is home to one of the most diverse range of communities that call the islands their home. Guests will be immersed in the ever-surprising array of cultures that these communities uphold, from the small village of boat builders from where SeaTrek ships are constructed, to the Bajau sea gypsies, who will welcome guests with a traditional dance that brings luck to the fishermen of the village.


5. Follow in the footsteps of history

One of the most important discoveries in history occurred during one man’s journey through Indonesia, known then as the Malay Archipelago. However, his name has disappeared from the forefront of scientific importance behind the likes of Charles Darwin. Alfred Russel Wallace, a man born into a humble background, was able to travel to this part of the world and through extensive research, prove that the theory of evolution was indeed correct, forcing Darwin to publish his work on the subject. Guests can enjoy following in his footsteps and watch the landscape change as they sail from Bali with its South East Asian wildlife, over the Wallace line into Lombok, where the flora and fauna change to a more Australasian form.

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