Trafalgar prides themselves in crafting each individual itinerary to provide customers with the freedom to discover and the confidence to explore each destination. Through immersive and exclusive ‘Be My Guest’ experiences, you are guaranteed to connect with the places you visit by meeting local communities and learning about their culture directly from them.

Why choose Trafalgar?


1. Personalised service

Trafalgar connects guests to the soul of a destination, from sampling fresh produce at a local farm to hearing stories about historic characters directly from their own families.


2. Bespoke itineraries

Trafalgar allows you to interact with locals, who are proud to welcome you into their community and share their stories through food – not only to experience the region’s delicacies, but also the way of life. From secret restaurants to Trafalgar exclusive ‘Be My Guest’ experiences with local families, you’ll gain a glimpse into the lives of the people who call these places ‘home’.


3. Unique accommodation

Stay in accommodation that is more than just a bed for the night, but an important piece of local heritage. From centuries-old castles to historical homesteads, you'll be immersed in the stories behind each property, giving you the chance to live the legacy yourself.


4. Experienced guides

Leave your guidebooks at home and dive into the local cultures that make each destination so special. The knowledgeable staff with take you through Trafalgar-exclusive experiences, for a deeper understanding of the places you visit, while allowing you to see the world from a different perspective.


5. Supporting local communities

At Trafalgar, they strive to make a difference globally, locally and individually. From introducing you to their ‘JoinTrafalgar’ initiatives powered by ‘TreadRight’, to bringing you closer to the local communities of the regions visited, you have the opportunity to help support these people and places.

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