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Transport and excursions on the island, for a day or half-day.

We propose you to visit the wild south, the circus of Cilaos, the Maîdo, and many other circuits, while strolling then, for example, to the markets of St Pierre or St Paul

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Earthly & Experiential Activities

The Cirque of Cilaos

Its rugged landscape of cirques worn down by erosion, here more than anywhere else is dominated by the massive Piton des Neiges which rises to 3,071m in altitude. Cilaos is accessible by car at the end of a beautiful but extremely winding road with its 400 turns, high walls and cornices. Cilaos is accessible by road. However, you can still trek to reach its top. Cilaos is famous for its impressive canyons and waterfalls where numerous extreme sports activities like canyoning (canyoneering), rock climbing can be practised.

4 Wheel Drive Tours

The Volcano and the Wild South

Departure in direction of the Volcano via the South and Le Tampon. Crossing la “Plaine des Cafres”, a market garden and a cattle-breeding area, the first stop is at the viewpoint of “Nez De Bœuf” (2070 m) for the forming cirque “La Rivière des Remparts”: a huge canyon and a difference in level of 1000m! You stop secondly at “Le Pas des Sables” for the impressive view over “La Plaine des Sables”, the exceptional lunar landscape. Arrival at “Pas de Bellecombe” (2311m), from where you have the unique view over the “Piton de la Fournaise Massif” (one of the most active red volcano of the world). Continuation to the windward coast called the “Wild South” because of the contrasts with the blue (ocean), the green (tropical vegetation) and the black (lava flows). The discoveries continue with the rivers of lava that crossed the national road several times during the past decades, especially in the “Great Burnt Land”. Stop at “Manapany” to discover this small charming village with its natural creek. Traditional Creole lunch. Afterwards, you take a forested trail across the rich coloured woods where you can discover various endemic plants, some medicinal and sacred ones. Then you take the direction of “Langevin River” where you can admire a beautiful waterfall before the return to your hotel.