With 137 languages spoken, this is one of the world's top melting pots of culture, races and religions. Malaysia's multiculturalism has made this country a gastronomic paradise and home to hundreds of colourful festivals. Prehistoric rainforests that nurture some of the world's rarest animals, beautiful beaches, cool highland hideaways and cities that blend modern and colonial architecture are all waiting to be enjoyed.


There's more to Malaysia than city skyscrapers and white sand beaches, discover a colourful land full of history and culture.

Reach for the sky

The world tallest twin towers, the Petronas Towers, and a revolving restaurant at 421m offer breath-taking views of KL and a unique dining experience.

Marine adventures

Explore the diver's paradise of Langkawi - a well-preserved, uninhabited marine park that extends over a number of islands.

Colonial Georgetown

Take a tour of the winding streets of Georgetown (a World Heritage Site) with is old British colonial buildings, ancient temples and merchants' mansions - the Blue Mansion was once home to the 'Rockefeller of the East'.

When to visit

Temperatures are pretty constant all year, around 30°C by day. Humidity is high and there are short showers, often in the mid-afternoon. The rainy season is usually from late November to mid-February,but still a good time to visit, particularly for major festivals such as the Chinese New Year in January and February.

The best time to visit most of the country is generally between March and early October when there’s less humidity, but there is the risk of hazy conditions and air pollution caused by forest fires in Indonesia.