Hong Kong Island, long associated with superb restaurants and designer boutiques, has some of this destination's iconic attractions.


With so much on offer, there's a lot to cram into a stop-over or a city break.

The best views of the city

Peak performance - the best way to reach the Peak is to take the 125-year-old gravity-defying tram, with its views of the city, its lush woodlands and its pleasant walks, the Peak offers an airy escape from the buzzing city below.

Dinner with a view

Try a Chinese banquet at Aberdeen's famous Jumbo Floating Restaurant, this huge and brilliantly illuminated floating restaurant has been part of Hong Kong's fabric for decades and remains a preneniel favourite.

A snapshot of local life

The sport of kings - an evening at Happy Valley racecourse provides a snapshot of modern Hong Kong, where excitable punters pack the stands - cheering, drinking and eating.

When to visit

This 24/7 destination is great to visit at any time of year, but summer temperatures can make things hot and humid (it also the wettest time of year). October to December is considered the best time to visit but avoid Chinese national holidays and large conventions as hotel prices can be high.